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Cough and Sneeze Screens


Idea Showcases – COVID-19 Personnel Protection Screens and Equipment Brochure.

Idea Showcases – Safe Vu- Brochure



Our Safe-vu screens, Cough and Sneeze Screens, Covid 19 safety screens are to protect your workforce and clients.Cough and sneeze screens for schools and  reception desks are to protect your Staff and pupils.

All our screens are made to a high quality at an affordable price. our portable screens and table screens are all available now. So take a look at our brochures above.

Our portable Covid 19 safety screens are to help project the spread of infection in your working environment.Use them for dividing desks, working at machinery and assembly points.

We have screens for your Hair salons now, Back wash protection screens, chair protection screens all ready to make to your sizes.

Our mobile units are on lockable casters so you can move them around and easily and lock them in place.

All our sneeze screens are also very easy to wipe down and keep clean.

Here at Idea Showcases we have a wide range of sneeze guards, desk dividers and sneeze screens for cafes, restaurants, veterinary clinics, Dentists, Nail Salons, Hair Salons, Salons, office placers of work and all retailers.

Cough and sneeze screens for schools, portable screens available for schools to safely separate the younger school children, colorful screens for nursery schools are all available.

We can make desk protection Screens for schools and universities made to any size in colored acrylic as well as clear.

We can also produce hundreds at a time and get them delivered quickly to you or your clients. To view or download our 2 brochures (pdf) click on the links above the images.

Bespoke Cough & Sneeze Screens

Here at Idea Showcases we can make Cough & Sneeze screens to fit your own reception desks just like we did for this Veterinary Clinic in London.

Mobile Screens.

  • Creates a protection barrier against direct coughs and sneezes.
  • These kits can be couriered to location and assembled in minutes with a disposable Allen key supplied with each kit.
  • They can easily cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • The transparent screen allows full communication.

Idea Showcases Safe-Vu Cough & Sneeze Screen System.

Idea Showcases have a Straightforward, Tool-Free Assembly – thanks to the inclusion of rubber fins. Safe-Vu systems can be assembled easily and quickly without the need for any specialist tooling or prior experience.

• Rapid Delivery – all Safe-Vu screens and accessories are designed in-house. So this means large-volume orders can be delivered and installed within short lead times, regardless of whether the product dimensions are standard or bespoke.

• Unparalleled Stability – solid aluminium profiles are used to support the acrylic panels ensuring they remain secure and stable at all times. Additional fixing brackets can be incorporated to screw, bond or clamp Safe-Vu screens onto desks and work spaces.

• Elegant Design – We believe that there is no reason why protective screen systems should look unsightly. Our Designs are to be slimline and transparent. The Safe-Vu range provides a sleek, elegant solution that blends seamlessly into all commercial environments.

• Easy to Store – recognising the importance of functionality and flexibility. We designed all of the components that form Safe-Vu screens to be flat-packable, so that they can be stored easily if necessary. All systems are supplied with clear, tool-free assembly instructions.

• Hygienic – all of the aluminium profiles, acrylic panels and accessories can be sanitised quickly and easily with standard household disinfectants.

• Ultra-Flexible – the Safe-Vu range can be used to construct screen arrangements of all shapes and sizes according to your specific spatial requirements. Screens can be extended or reconfigured to suit any changes in the layout of a workspace.


This is a range of free-standing screens that has been designed for use in a variety of environments including reception areas, offices, customer service desks and flexible meeting spaces. Fin systems can be supplied with or without access ports and can be manufactured according to client-specific dimensional requirements.


This is a range of robust yet visually elegant protective screens. Built using transparent acrylic panels and anodised aluminium profiles, Float systems blend seamlessly into commercial spaces of all types, whilst making no compromises in the levels of protection delivered at each individual workstation.


This is a range of protective screens built using anodised aluminium frames and acrylic panels. They are available as either mobile or static units and can be manufactured in a range of standard sizes or to your custom dimensions. Mobile frames are supplied with lockable low-profile castors and deliver highly flexible protection in a wide variety of environments.

Cough and Sneeze Screens for Hair Salons, Barbers and Salon Teaching Collages.



Idea Showcases – Salon Hygiene Screen Brochure

These Covid 19 safety screens are available as either mobile or static units and can be manufactured in a range of standard sizes or to your custom sizes. Here our Mobile frames are supplied with lockable low-profile castors and deliver highly flexible protection, in a wide variety of environments like, Salon teaching universities, Hair Salons, Hairdressers, nail bars and Barber Shops. This will show they are ready to keep them selves and clients safe as possible.Cough and sneeze screens for schools as well are available too.

Cough and Sneeze Screens For Cafes & Restaurants.

Get ready to open your restaurants and cafe’s by using our stylish safety screens. High quality that will do the job and last.

Screens For The Workplace

Safety Screens For Schools

Here at Idea Showcases we can provide your school with the solutions to keep your pupils and staff safe. Classrooms ,labs and your school library.

Back to work safely

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