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Vaccination Booths

Samples of vaccination pods

Vaccination Booths and Pods are vital to our safety and privacy.

Due to the Governments mass vaccination details, following the Corona virus Covid-19 pandemic, the NHS and all local council authorities will be requiring large-scale vaccination areas. Possibly looking at using Leisure centres, village halls etc, with the ability to handle 1000s of vaccinations every day.

We have the facility to supply various standard booth configurations and bespoke. The most popular size being 2000mm h x 2000mm x 2000mm double bays or 2000mm x 1200mm 1500mm single booths.Various sizes, using our standard modular system can be achieved too.

Not forgetting our Safe-Vu range of standard protection screens, mobile screens also used during these unusual times.

All vaccination booths/pods can be supplied with various easy clean foamex, dibond or acrylic panels or our easy build frame system. We can supply the system for you to use your panels as well.

Due to a large stock holding, of the modular system, we can supply as many vaccination POD/BOOTHS and with our logistics team, quickly, throughout the UK.

The pods/booths can be configured for maximum privacy. We are also happy to work with you on a supplied floor plan, to maximise the number of booths/pods available in the space provided. Again taking into consideration sizes and budgets at all times.

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