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Memorabilia Display Cabinets

Memorabilia display cabinets for universities, schools and sports clubs. Memorabilia Display Cases to show everyone about your history of your school and university. Football memorabilia display cases for your collection of basket ball,american football or football memorabilia.

we can be make them to any size and different colours.

We can make them to any length to fit in your corridor or reception area.
A memorabilia display case is a specialised  designed to showcase and protect cherished items, collectables.

These memorabilia display cases are typically used to exhibit objects with sentimental or historical value different to trophy cabinets such as:

Sports  memorabilia like autographed baseballs or cricket bats, footballs, school jerseys or Photos of your school history.Football memorabilia display cases look great in squares with white background and led lights.

Military Medals and Badges can also be put in these units to showcase military honours, ribbons, and insignia. We can do magnetic back panels to hold the displays in place.

Photographs and Artefacts,Displaying school history photos, or artefacts from significant events from your university or school.

We also do wall cabinets and free standing plinths with glass UV bonded hoods.

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